Awaken the World

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Welcome to COMMON Future: Brand Journalism for your Resilience Thought Leadership

Custom-content production firm and publisher of The Resilience Journal.



At the blog, we publish the stories and features that accelerate the transition to a more climate-resilient society and economy. But we need YOU to complement and expand our coverage and all other media coverage. The world needs you — your expertise, passion, inspiration, your priceless insights and experience. After all, you are the practitioner and/or solutions provider we get to learn from and whose information must scale.

Our network of independent writers, photographers, videographers and producers, members of the amazing COMMON network, stands ready to create a game-changing series of pieces using our exclusive WIND approach to branded/sponsored content:

  • Flair: writing and production with style and impact that connects
  • Fire: a lively mix of content formats, including articles, videos, white papers, ebooks, online & offline events, original YouTube shows, you name it!
  • UX: motion design to create an immersive user experience
  • Journey: a rich editorial calendar to sustain your effort all year long

Hire us not just, or even primarily, to place your amazing stories in The Resilience Journal and/or produce content for your own storytelling across your communication channels. More importantly, choose us as your content partner to AWAKEN THE WORLD.

That’s what we’re calling our one-of-a-kind program to create segment- and industry-focused Content Series, sponsored by brands that lead those segments and industries and that long to become the resilience leaders the world beckons. Does that describe you?

If so, launch your powerful annual series. Fold it into your corporate communications, CSR and pr. Build greater education and public awareness. Make THE difference in your place and your space. Strengthen your resilience Thought Leadership. We are inspired by this GE Look Ahead series and want to work with you at this critical juncture to create multiple such portals to save lives and accelerate city, corporate and community adaptation in your world and around the world.

This is the moment. Seize it. Become the leader the world awaits.