Are you ready?

The Intro

The Resilience Journal is an independent blog, published by COMMON Future content & strategy studio, that provides information, insights and inspiration to help the world’s cities, companies and NGOs prepare for, recover from and otherwise navigate the unpredictable anti-normal of escalating hothouse climate disruption. We call it Next Resilience, because it it no longer about the linear, gradual variety we’ve seen to date.

TRJ is part of COMMON Future’s mission to co-create a communications architecture for the Age of Climate Adaptation we have entered. Visit us at

We cover immediate disaster shocks and underlying stresses, plus the innovations and solutions emerging now that resilience is the world’s most urgent imperative and default mode.

Our role is not to keep litigating and “debating” climate change, or to simply parade the latest science, but rather to move on and just get ready for the consequences, focused on preparing for future risks that will get progressively more challenging. While this is a blog about resilience, we urge continued prevention/mitigation and cover it when it doubles as adaptation.

The five readers of TRJ:

  • City, county/province & country officials engaged in resilience
  • Corporate & organization teams: C-level, innovation, resilience, communications
  • NGOs & academia
  • The media
  • Concerned citizens

The 10 reasons to read and follow TRJ:

  • Starting-point science & urgency: 1.5ºC – 2ºC near-term overshoot
  • UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals as resilience guideposts
  • Coverage of the human, not just the physical, aspects of resilience
  • Coverage of companies/organizations, not just cities/countries
  • Coverage of solutions and their providers, not just the science & adopters
  • Powerful insights via a journal format & exclusive storymaker interviews
  • Compelling, inspiring storytelling in our exclusive Spotlights & Features
  • Journalism-quality expert content by our sponsors & contributors
  • Columns and opinions with unique takes on resilience
  • Designed for the busy, with 2-3 exclusive posts per month

When it comes to resilience, there is but one inescapable conclusion: prepare now for a post 1.5ºC – 2ºC society and economy, since the science clearly tells us that’s where we’re headed, sooner than most people realize.

Our deep concern at TRJ is, precisely, that key stakeholders, including most adaptation professionals, remain generally unaware of the timing and escalating nature of climate impacts and are therefore not responding adequately and getting ready urgently enough to the most likely scenariosMore on the projections here.

That’s on the risk front. Resilience also opens a vast opportunity front for the cities that want to emerge as THE places to live and do business in the midst of this, and for the businesses that want to thrive, not just survive, by becoming the stocks to buy, the places to work, and the brands that drive the future. More on the Climate Resilience Economy and Resilience Dividend here.

Given the above, the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as a useful guide to our writing. More in this recent column.

And therein lies TRJ’s unique contribution, in sum: move the world toward greater urgency, focus on companies/organizations in addition to cities/countries, bring you the solutions and innovations that will scale human and physical adaptation quickly, and do it with a functional and enjoyable content experience for our readers and followers.

If this resonates with you, it will be an absolute honor to join you in this journey and hopefully tell your inspiring story. Let’s do this together.

The How To

That’s the brief description and editorial mindset. To get a deeper sense of the unique role we play, plus how to use the blog and grasp the full value of the community, you gotta check out the backstory and guide here.

The Studio

This is a collaborative endeavor. You, too, have enlightening, mission-critical information that must get out. We see it as complementing and enhancing the content we offer. Our readers see it as insights only you can offer, given your expertise, role and experience, and that therefore help them become disruption- and disarray-resilient, as well.

That’s where COMMON Future comes in, a content-production studio and strategy consultancy you can hire, in sync with your communications team and efforts, to make substantive contributions to the knowledge we all need to navigate the new anti-normal and thrive.

And not just to publish in The Resilience Journal. Perhaps more so, to AWAKEN THE WORLD to greater resilience by launching an annual series of amazing, game-changing content, using our exclusive WIND method, and amplified across your owned, earned, shared and paid channels — your corporate communications, CSR, pr and public awareness campaigns — to impact the world.

The Editor

Born in Chicago. Grade school in Puerto Rico. Back to Chicago for middle school (Pilsen) and high school (North Side — Go Cubs!). Freshman year at Tulane U. Back to Chicago to complete B.A. in International Development at DePaul U. Off to Los Angeles for one year of graduate studies at UCLA, also in International Development. Two years in Miami. Back to Puerto Rico, this time forever, I hope, though it now depends on the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the future of this Caribbean island and every other low-lying island and coast in the face of sea-level rise and more frequent and intense storms.

After the Miami start to my career in communications, at a small ad agency, I moved on to journalism two years later as an economy and finance reporter at Caribbean Business in San Juan, later becoming editor of the newspaper. When not there, I worked in corporate communications, advertising, sustainability management & communications, and since 2014 in content creation & advisory, freelance writing and blogging, plus serving in the Communications Committee of the Puerto Rico Climate Change Council, the Board of the Latino Climate Action Network, and as founder and chair of the Adapt Now Resilience Initiative at the U.S. Green Building Council Puerto Rico Chapter.

My LinkedIn profile has all the career detail. Feel free to peruse, and let’s connect there as well while we’re at it!

Allow me, if I may, to share some other thoughts here

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